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Let's see if this posts twice. Unbridled enthusiasm foams forth in an overjoying froth of nitrous oxyde.
by Rowan Lipkovits [yoy SITOme] [email Rowan Lipkovits] 2000-02-07 08:20:51 [137]
Because the future was a buzzword I have chosen to dwell in the past of computer arts back when things weren't any better but when there was considerably less waste.

While listening to commodore 64 music on headphones I came across this web complex while on page 30 or so of a search on "ansi art" and I think I have finally entered into a community doing interesting things with the new technology.

I won't say that this will be enough to make me give up text games, chiptunes and e-zines but it does make me want to go beyond those.

The winter of 1994 is finally over.

How can I help out? I write, increasingly performance poetry and quasi-postmodern conceptual spoken word, and I make music on my computer using tracking software.

I imagine none of this will help the administrators but it's an assertion of known ability - I have witnessed some calls for collaboration and that is my middle name.

Talk to me.

And thank you for being here.

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