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Interessted in netart ?
by guest   2000-05-31 11:25:35 [270]
What is netart ? Netart is a kind of (electronic) art which uses the media internet as playground to the artists (alternative) points of view. So don't expect to find documentations on common art like "Picasso Scans Gallery" here ;-)

The Aim of is to set up a general entrancepoint (portal) for people who are interessted in netart projects on one hand and to start the work of archiving like a virtual museum on the other hand. is ment as a "container" - a skeleton, which is being fulfilled and enhanced by the decentral input of the users that are focused on mediaart/netart. In opposite to other (media/net)Art or Cultureservers and commercial Searchengines, - center for hardwired arts takes a new way between refering to friends linklists and technological/context-missing architectures of common searchengines. The database content is not blown up by automatic searchrobots nor shrink by the single objectivity of a editorial staff. The maxime of is autonomity, as this ensure the maximum of objectivity on nowadays netart. Beside the art database, the server underlines the autonomous usage by the users in many ways, such as collaborative titlecovers, filesharing, discussion board and even the error messages (404 File not found) can be customized by the vistitors.

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