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by Stephen Shires [sms SITOme] [email Stephen Shires] 2000-09-14 15:16:15 [543]
The Apple iReview, whilst naturally focussing on the aesthetic and ease-of-use aspects of the SITO site, overlooks a crucial feature, the site is FREE. This means that you can show a lot of your work there for a minimal investment, most of it in the form of time, and, though any form of publication incurs the possibility of copyright infringement, you can at least consider yourself to be no worse off than the great Impressionists, whose library reproductions are too often photocopied by the unscrupulous, if your art is misappropriated. However, the most important consequence of this situation is that no fee means no taxation and therefore less likelihood of government censorship. The existence of a commercial component in any enterprise always attracts a tax and this gives a government the incentive to protect its investment, so to speak, from attack by art-ignorant voters. This influence appears in the UK as 'Terry Dicks Syndrome'(after the philistine MP) and involves suppressing not the noisy amateur art critics but the source of their complaint.

Congratulations, Steve Shires.

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