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Artists Express Freedom
by BIL   2001-09-12 14:55:31 [2991]
DALLAS, TX. Calling on artists to unite in a symbolic expression of freedom, a new website calls for artists to participate in a project named
"WHY: Art about the attack on the World Trade Center & Pentagon"
. The website, WHY-Art about the attack on the World Trade Center & Pentagon <> was posted on September 11th by Bill Bartee, an independent artist from Dallas, Texas.

The WHY website will display images created by artists in reaction to today's terrorist attack in Manhattan and Washington D.C. Viewers are invited to browse works, which will be collected over the course of at least one year, beginning on the tragic day of the attack.

Born in Lawton, Oklahoma, in 1972, Bill Bartee has not completed formal art training. After three years as a commercial art student at Oklahoma City University, the artist departed formal training in favor of a self-taught fine art career. That was in 1995, and since then he worked in Scottsdale, Arizona, and currently in Dallas, Texas.

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