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Re: on-topic (who decides?)
by Jon Van Oast [uwi SITOme] [email Jon Van Oast] 2001-09-13 00:31:11 [2996]
if i might chime in.... its pretty simple, really (though not written in stone or always exact). if a post is about gridcosm, or is part of some twirly diversion that started as a talk about gridcosm, we will leave it on the gridcosm topic.

if something is relating more to collabortive art (in general), we may very well move it to sito.synergy, which is about synergy (collaborative) projects. if it is *just* about sito, then to the 'sito' topic.

note that when something *new* is posted which is *bigger than* just sito (i.e., is relative to the entire art world, or just world in general, is a news item, etc.) we may move it to sito.offtopic for no reason other than we do not have a sito.misc ... in fact, this may often be a more appropriate name for sito.offtopic. it could also be called,, sito.random, etc.

dont take offense at getting moved here. the discussions are meant to flow fairly seemlessly and painlessly between topics (sometimes too easily and confusingly maybe).

the designations are just done in hopes of keeping what *is* in each other group basically within the realm of its subject. the sito.offtopic stuff doesnt get treated any differently in how it is reported in the news briefs/flashs, and the reply-chain isnt broken or anything.

sorry that it seems kinda like a punishment or something, its not at all. some of my best info on non-sito projects and ideas come from what we might move to sito.offtopic.

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Re: on-topic (who decides?)

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