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by Ed Stastny [oed SITOme] [email Ed Stastny] 2001-09-13 21:45:30 [3008]
A few people have noticed that their posts to Gridcosm (or other SITO Discussion Topics) have "disappeared". In fact, those posts have been moved to "sito.offtopic", a Discussion for posts that don't fit into any of the present SITO Discussions.

I repeat, the posts are not being deleted. Nor are you being "censored" if your post is moved to sito.offtopic.

Moving a post to sito.offtopic, which is done by either me or Jon (UWI), is done because that *particular post* was deemed to not be on topic to the Discussion in question and doesn't fit directly into and of the other Discussion topics.

For example, this post ... ...discuss?num=2992 ... has nothing to do with Gridcosm, but it was posted to the Gridcosm Topic.

KYT, I know you're emotional right now. My first reaction is to resent being labeled a censor. I'm merely trying to keep things on topic here. Your posts weren't deleted, merely moved to a more relevent area.

I hope this explains things well enough. This post itself will be posted to the general SITO Topic, because it pertains to the whole site. It is a RESPONSE to a post in Gridcosm, but this response will appear in another Topic. The integrity of the thread is maintained.


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