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Filtering and more
by John Hopkins [jch SITOme]  2001-09-17 06:50:29 [3051]
Hey folks I am these days missing the mailing list format for SiTO -- I am not always on an active network setup (now in Finland on a gig net, though), so don't look at the mailing list too much, and today when I do, I discover that there are nine different mailing lists. hmmm. While I TOTALLY support the work done by Jon and Ed, I feel like I am losing contact with SiTO. hmmm. maybe no solution to this. I will try to spend more time here in the future, tho.

I suppose the on- and off-topic discussion comes out of this same problem -- when there was only one list, everything had to be on topic...

Well, again, no criticism, but just remembering the "good ole days"


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