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Re: Filtering and more
by Robert Dale Anderson [baz SITOme] [email Robert Dale Anderson] 2001-09-21 21:54:16 [3092]

Yes I get the email notifications. Sometimes I reply privately to the sender, sometimes on the web.

I would like a choice to be able to reply to the discussion via email or via web.

I've no problem with the splitting into a number of discussion. So much of the Gridcosm discussion is so idiosyncratic to that area that it is probably only of interest to the group collaborating there. Volumn is good!

I get the News email digest and check the news flashes.

I know it's work, but a preview of your post function (as well a spell checker for us sppeeler challenged) is a wish.

I do miss real time irc panic sessions, panics in general) as well as more imprompto grid/strip sessions.


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