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Re: Questionnnaire?
by baz   2002-02-27 02:10:24 [3851]

Here's my response.


(1) Did you view your participation in the project as a game, a hobby or an opportunity for professional advancement?

All three.

(2) What is your occupation in real life? Is it art related? Are you or do you plan to become a professional artist?

I'm a Senior Lecturer in Studio Art at the University of Texas at Austin. I'm also a practicing artist and exhibit my drawings at a number of galleries in the US

(3) Who owns the copyright in the project?

I would say SITO. I don't claim any copyrights to my collaborative work/play.

(4) Does it matter to you who retains the copyright in the project?

Yes, I think SITO should.

(5) Were there any communications between you and the other participants in the project?


(a) If there were communications between you and other participants in the project were they limited to professional discussions regarding the project?

"Professional"? Heh! No they weren't limited.

(b) A survey of SITO projects shows repeated collaboration between members ö how did it come about?

A number of us seem to really like to collaborate and SITO, and before it's name change OTIS, was a good place to do it.

(c) Would you say that a sense of a community developed in SITO?


(d) Did you collaborate with another SITO user on any projects outside SITO?


(e) How was the collaboration on SITO alike or unlike other collaborative projects you have worked on?

With Ed Stastny we communicated via email and I ended up making a hand printed lithograph of our result. Most outside collaboration was via email. Some was done on other internet collaborative sites like Comunimage

(7) Were you ever requested to make changes in your piece or did you notice that any changes were eventually made?


(8) ÊDid you ever participate in any SITO activity which was not on the Internet?

Yes, the paper comix Impulse Freak.

(9) Have you ever received feedback for your work?


If so do you feel that your work has improved through such feedback?


(10) What organizational aspects of the project do you think were particularly successful/unsuccessful?

The automation of the grid collaborations was especially energizing and successful.

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