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Re: Broken - how nice/New Grid forum maybe?
by Jon Van Oast [uwi SITOme] [email Jon Van Oast] 2003-11-15 01:12:03 [7609]
hm. yes, the broken gridcosm -- another bug. weird artifacts of certain *gifs* it would seem. how appropriate! i think i have trapped it now. we shall see on the next level. who knew file formats could be so touchy?

now, as to a *new forum*. ed and i have discussed reformatting/revamping/resomethinging the discussion boards probably close to a 1000 times. we have lots of ideas. and not quite enough time.

maybe your tickling the subject will be what we need to do some changes. for some reasons (mostly having to do with very sito-specific resources) we do not want to go to some out-of-the-box php (etc) solution. but that doesnt mean we cant *mimic* their desirable behaviours.

as for editing posts... we have toyed with this idea for quite some time.... the decision to NOT allow it was a deliberate one, having to do with, basically, (if you allow me a little poetic license) not interrupting the flow of the space-time continuum. well, what i mean is, if someone posts something and, say, oh, i dont know causes a gigantic flame war or something, then goes back and re-edits their original post to be innocent, it kinda can cause much confusion. maybe a suitable "solution" is to allow editing *until* someone replies to it. or only for a certain window of time.

i know this sounds kinda nitpicky... but we have always envisioned discussions to be just that -- conversations, volleyed back and forth over time. how to balance this with typos or even pulling ones foot out of ones mouth?

please let us know your (all of you sitoans!) thoughts on this, specifically over on the general sito discussion board (i will crosspost this there)... we dont need to glut up the gridcosm discussion with this too much... lets sculpt some new discussion features together.

(p.s. i probably dont speak exactly for ed when i say "we" in this. haha so when i say "we", i often mean "me".)

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Broken - how nice/New Grid forum maybe?
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