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on the departure of GRE
by Jon Van Oast [uwi SITOme] [email Jon Van Oast] 2004-01-25 07:40:06 [8184]
some of you might have noticed, perhaps, that GRE has left sito. she has cleared out her artchive, erased her bio, and now remains named "goodbye". thankfully, for anyone who might be trying to see her art, she has left up a link to her homepage. for now anyway. i really wouldnt blame her if she made that go away.

i am writing this post not to blame or freak out or really anything more than give people (who care to do so) something to think about. as i said a few times (you can follow the thread back at the bottom of this post), making people feel welcome on sito is, for *me anyway*, a big part of why i have been doing this from the start.

today, somehow, this idea failed. i know this has happened before (a couple incidents stick out in my mind, and there are more i probably know nothing about), and i *know* you cannot make everyone 100% happy. but i still want to try to keep sito welcoming.

if anyone, in any way, is getting a bad vibe on sito, or is feeling left out, or having trouble, *please* let us know. you can send us email with the "CONTACT" button on the top of almost every page. i know that there are times when things like language or confusing interfaces or crazy software or unclear instructions make sito a little tough be part of, but we are sloooowly trying to fix this. but also the community can be a little bizarre, overwhelming, or intimidating. and i think thats something in *any* group of people (on the net or otherwise) that is tricky to always know what to do with.

in all my years of being involved with sito, i have been nothing short of being blown away with the people involved -- artists, contributors, supporters, players, provocateurs, newbies, old-schoolers, etc. this hasnt changed for me, and still fuels my involvement. in the 0.1% of the cases where something has gone sour, its usually heightened emotions, flippant behavior, miscommunications, or something like this; and thats fine. like i said, no blame here, and i mean that.

i just want to keep it welcoming. please let me know how this can be improved and we will do our best. and to everyone involved in the last couple days, sorry things turned out like this, but i just wanna move on and keep making sito better.

thanks everyone,


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