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Re: new site changes
by Jon Van Oast [uwi SITOme] [email Jon Van Oast] 2004-05-18 05:10:10 [9272]
"I like the images posted at the top right of each page and the recent additions section. I think this will encourage more browsing."

thanks. i just sorta threw that in as an (easy) off-shoot of something else i wrote. i thought it kinda added a little sampling or reminder even of the artchive diversity. for the record, it pulls randomly *equally* across artists, so an artist with 100 works will appear only as much as an artist with 1. (though, granted, the one-piece artist will not have a lot of variety showcased!)

"It was a little difficult to find myself after the artchive page was redone."

i suspect *any* design change on any site will cause confusion. add to this the fact that ''user interface design'' is such a mysterious and fued-starting topic to begin with. in the end, what really "works"? what is good for all users, new and old? what helps sito be all it can be? heck if we know! haha but we will keep plugging away. thanks for the comments.

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