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Re: chattiness
by Root Mugwort [rut SITOme] [email Root Mugwort] 2004-07-13 06:32:06 [9628]
well i feel i've brought up a host of lively topics. Doesn't anyone have anything to say about poor Steve Kurtz. (Art= Terrorism) Why don't you go write a symphony mr strauss nobody wants to hear you chat on about chattiness. Talk to me when you've got something to say. As Davud Byrne said, when i've got nothing to say my lips are sealed. And those are words to live by. I mean who would want to keep writing on and on when everybody has already gotten the idea and lost interest in what they were saying. That would be ridiculous! Such a person would have to be a lunatic. but seriously, yeah, i'm up for some chat. did anybody check out fusion '02? is anybody else playing iSketch? Portlanders let's talk about last (and 1st) Thursday etc. Everybody, let's talk bout Art workshops, opennings, collaborations, parties, happenings. Brag anonymously about billboard alterations and graffiti coups. shameless self promotion alongside selfless shame promotion a vision for artistic unity in cohesion with intense individual disparity evolving into baroque multidisciplinarian ubiquity. Or whatever.
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