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Bienniale art expo scam
by Root Mugwort [rut SITOme] [email Root Mugwort] 2004-09-15 08:21:46 [9990]
Thanks Jon I thought I'd post this again with a title. Please let me know here or by emailing me at if you've received this email: OBJECT : Biennale Internazionale dell’Arte Contemporanea Città di Firenze - Italia Dear Artist : We are glad to inform you that we are selecting the artists for the next Florence Biennale. In our website you can find all the information regarding the exhibition. The internal committee saw your work in your website and approves your participation in this Biennale 2005 that will be held in the Fortezza da Basso from 3 to 11 december. In collaboration with the United Nations, the Biennale is also an official participant in the “Dialogue among Civilizations” program. In the words of Kofi Annan, “I believe that the dialogue is an opportunity for people of different cultures and traditions to know each other better, whether they live on opposite sides of the world or in the same street.” If you are interested please send us an e-mail promptly with your address so that we can send you all the necessary documents for your participation in this Biennale 2005. We hope to hear from you soon ! Please use only these addresses for your mail : Arte Studio Via Guelfa, 116 50129, Firenze ITALIA Tel: +39-055-4633385 +39-055-4624528 Fax:+39-055-486034 E-mail :

I'm trying to see just how wide a net they are casting. Maybe I should ask if anybody doesn't get them. thanks.

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