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can this 'grid' idea be done?
by dale mc farlane aka 'DAWK'' [dwk SITOme] [email dale mc farlane  aka  \'DAWK\'\'] 2005-07-19 22:16:07 [12770]
sito may have such an idea already on grids,but it occured to me that these web satellite maps that you can ZOOM in on till the image gets very close to the ground,could transfered to sito as a complete "MAP" of all sito artists PAGES? OR....perhaps the sat maps could be 'superimposed' with sito pages,on top,adjusting the size? One would see the "MAP" from afar,like the sat maps,from space,but(on the sito map) you could zoom in untill each thumbnail of all the sito artist pages would show up enough to click on THAT particular image? also really cool,but probably too time consuming-outragious ,would be to locate each artist on a world sat map,with the exact area of where the artist lives.with the artists actual page(there) covering the artists yard- rooftop? It would be very entertaining,cruising the planet via sat maps,with sito artists markers, and zooming -in, finding(flying above) the artist's home,with his HOME SITO page on this map. I's probably too crazey an idea ,but who knows.
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