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Re: sito discussions lose their innocence? (re: spam)
by Ed Stastny [oed SITOme] [email Ed Stastny] 2005-12-02 06:53:11 [13718]
I just thought of a few kind of weird tactics... maybe something we can adapt for ourselves? Some kind of depend on JavaScript, which is probably why they won't be used...

1. Before submitting a comment, a pop-up window will ask "do you really want to post this"? Only when clicked will it post. Not sure if the standard spambot will recognize that, or even wait around for verification.

2. Have a JavaScript invisibly count the time between keystrokes and total composition time of the post. If time is under a certain limit, warn the user to "type a little more slowly". Too wacky?

5. (Three sir) 3. Insert a silly little saying at the top of the post, Groblin-composed, that must be deleted (or kept in) for the post to register. Verified by an invisible verification-field in the form.

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sito discussions lose their innocence? (re: spam)

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