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Boosting sito in comics+animation
by dale mc farlane aka 'DAWK'' [dwk SITOme] [email dale mc farlane  aka  \'DAWK\'\'] 2006-06-20 20:34:13 [15865]
HOWDY-fellow -awsome sito artists: there is an major animation insider site - 'AWN' which i do comments occasionaly,on articles. My latest comment about including sito as a site for comic strips-animation(flash)artists to use sito was warmly accepted by the author and animation expert-businessman,MARK SIMON who wrote the article on AWN ,"pimping your art". Mark contacted me for the 'heads-up' and said he would "include sito in his newest book publications' links as another way to promote creative's comic-animation art. When we sito artists send folks to sito ,when they had never heard of it,then everyone benifits. SITO ROCKS!! Cheerz from DAWK
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