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Home for the holidays!
by Campfool [roe SITOme] [email Campfool] 2011-12-05 15:19:38 [24141]
This post is not relative to anything... unless you remember the Web before 2.0, before social networking, mega-portals and online biding, before top-level domain expansion or Explorer, when the Web was just a destination requiring a phone call. When top-notch webpage layout meant using horizontal rules, when it was safe out for only 216 colors, and html could be memorized in an afternoon.

Then there was Sito. Thanks Ed, thanks Ian. Thank you fuzzyguy (whoever you were), and thanks MRD. And the rest, all the rest and to Sito en mass. And thank you especially, SUE, for simply doing what you do, doing it well, remaining firm, stable and humble, and never denying me access.

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