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not enough people here? Then---
by guest   2012-06-01 16:35:01 [27101]
So maybe it's time we explored our creativity uncorralled from the confines of the alleged better of "quantity is better than quality"?

Sure, Sito can do as most (?) other projects and play the game of assimilation. Maybe it already is. Then you all can engage in the usual pogroms--getting rid of those artists (i.e. myself : ...segads?idonly=wsa ) whose message *might* "pose a problem" for Public Relations "needs" (as told to you by some "well educated" dipshit specialist)...and "threaten" the "chance to draw in a lot of people" via the usual watered-down channels (who MUST have acquienscence in order to give you your little carrot).

Then again, i could be wrong in my cynical expectations. After all, this project has remained surprisingly integrity-oriented for quite a few years now, eh?!! And, of course, i'm likely *way out of the loop* as far as what is possible online, outside of the usual corralls. Right?!

i think there's a gift in the small morrass some feel that we have here. i see that gift as an opportunity to put our creativity into actions beyond the proverbial canvas, et al.

Do i have grand ideas on this one? Not really. i'm glad to just have a place to put up my art and not worry about whether it'll be taken down next month.

But i'd be willing to put my "ideah generator" into action for the good of this site, if need be. As a way to thank you for this free service, for sure!

Not wanting to login right now...but i can verify my words if anyone has to question.

p.s. i think the way this forum is structured makes it a lot more confusing than it need be. But perhaps that is the admins' desire? If so, gOOd! i'll continue to flow along!

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