This page is for Yono articipants (art-participants) to find open slots in the Yono Prototype Uchu (cosmos). You're now peeking behind the curtain!

Want to contribute?

Everyone is welcome to add artwork to this project. All you need is software to make digital art. Common programs used are Photoshop, Gimp, Paint, Pixen, Pixelmator, and Aesprite. To participate, please contact Ed.
EMAIL: (remove all numerals to de-code).
TWITTER: @Starstew
GOOGLE+: Ed Stastny

Procedure for creating a piece

First, ask Ed for a reservation. You can request specific extensions by using the Yonode code (e.g. "012_FOO") and the direction (e.g. "VERT" or "HORZ"). Once you have your reservation, you're ready to create an image!
  1. Download the "parent" image for the slot you've been assigned. To do this, navigate so the "parent" is the centered square, then click the '[I]' link at the top of the navigator.
  2. Make the "canvas size" of your image big enough to hold the halves of the parent on either side of the new image you're creating (e.g. 128x64 for horizontal extensions, 64x128 for vertical extensions).
  3. Cut the parent image into two halves in the appropriate direction, then move those halves to either edge of the canvas.
  4. Create your 64x64 pixel image using a maximum of 16 colors. Your palette is limited to that of the parent image, but you can change up to 4 colors (adding colors if the parent palette is <16).
  5. In other words: your color palette can differ by 4 colors from the piece you are extending.
  6. Send Ed the image when you're finished and he'll insert it into the page. PNG format is best.

Yono slots

Here is a list of slots/images in the prototype Yono, listed in reverse chronological order (of reservation time). You'll see an image with a unique ID under it. To the right of that, you'll see HORZ and VERT cells that describe whether that slot is open or filled. If filled, you'll see the unique ID of the piece that is filling it. HORZ is the piece that splits the image horizontally, VERT is the piece that splits the image vertically.

To see a piece in the Navigator, click on the image for it.

List of Artists