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YZN and blending help: Viewing a discussion message
by Oh / Brock Lee [ohk SITOme]  2017-01-21 20:21:42 [36450]
I can't tell you what to do but im gonna tell you what to do.

YZN if you don't blend, if you dont make the borders around b2 and inbetween squares invisible, no one is going to gridcosm with you but MRM.

If any cosm vet like MKC or NLT, who have obviously been trying to clean up and nicen up your non blends, condescends to cosm with you, you need to blend well and make the borders invisible or they will cease to cosm with you.

you should be trying to offer them square as equally involved and professional as theirs. squares that dont seem to make their efforts a waste of time.

you keep doing this. everyone has been making fabulous blends and then you cut them down with sharp border lines. NLT especially has been trying to reign you in and then you crap on his efforts with subpar blending.

copy/ flipping should bee done RARELY and generally should be used only to chet a border blend with something changed or added to the pick.

simply copying, flipping, then uploaded is considered lazy and in bad taste.

counterintuitivly a lame pic blended well is going to look better than a picture you like all bordery. there is only so much everyon else can do to try and reconcile your non-blends with their own effort.

this isnt difficult. use the same colors to make the border invisible or redefine it somewhere else. use flipping to establish a background for some original net obect in the forground.

LITERALLY noone cares what kinda dumb silly sht you post as long as it appears seemless.

do this consistently and the others will cosm more again.

do shty flips and no blends and you will be stuck with MRM in and odd couple situation and cosm will be boring for you and everyone else

cosm has many many observers who check regularly but dont necessarily grid

do your best, for everyone, PLEASE!

if you cant find a way to make you image seem continuative of the other images, at least find a way to make the border invisible.

dont border cut other peoples images tht are easily blended, and dont post images that make blending more difficult to others, and you will have friends and fun and ppl will enjoy checking in to see whats new.

oh-k? noh?



practice all the time upload only what you know is gude

use a computer, not a smartphone...

spare us the memes for when they are relevant..

you know? you dig?

you can be political and silly and funny wht ever. be drab be bland be boring just blend the borders! it isnt hard!

you should browse the cosm often. look at other levels. discovery techniques for blending in other levels.

you dont have to make you image 'cosmee' you dont have to compare what you do to prior cosm you just have to try and make your squares seemless

dont let someone else lack of blending discourage you.

BLEND!!! right?


Re: YZN and blending
Re: YZN and blending

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