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Started on Oct 19, 2014.

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MRM1 4000 JER2

Grid poem

Pea-green was the colour of _ _ whoa aaa road weco texas aint no place fer a brit with those. There's plenty of room for a system of jewelry, that is to say I've never been very keen on women who hang their sex round their neck like baubles.
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Tags: la la la la la la Ha-Ha! Ha! Kay No Sauce For You! Ha HA Neat Ha Ha I See What You Mean Maybe Melting Things Is Awesome We're Gonna Have To Check This To The Thesarus Before We Smile You Are Making Alaska Sad ________________________________________________________________ you giz are trained in fnords not fjords this is completly catastrophic to my plan to shut up and we are scoring numbereds negative -8000! ________________________________________________________________ Ok We Are Appointing A Lawyer To Find A LoopHole For You ________________________________________________________________ GRIDCOSM! NOW WITH ALMOST 50 UNHOGGED LEVELS! ________________________________________________________________ Theme Slogan Tune "Betchya Cant Play Just One" ________________________________________________________________ You Sir Are Out Of Order In A Way I Think Im Enjoying Let Me See What I Can Do ________________________________________________________________ Did He Even Flip Chicken Alien Head What? Super Ninjas Is Over There Jeez Just Stop Tagging For A Second Dewds I Have An Idea bzzbzzwswwnshbwsprwsprshhshhhmm ________________________________________________________________ The Want To Know How You Are Going To Generate A Magnetic Field As Powerful As The Sun If Batteries Arnt Included To Do TileWork With A Bag Of Bread I Say That Dude Wouldnt Be Holding A Dove In Some Garden DBe Like "Heres The Shining Path's YTPage" EyePatch Youd Need Someone To Waffle That Wiffle ________________________________________________________________ Add A Monolith To That Moxie And Youll Be Fine Despite The Plisken Button ________________________________________________________________ TAB Lives Proving I Will Outlive Cosm Thru Revere Causality I'll See If I Can Fix That For Us Cause Damn Life Gets Dull ards all derp I Told You How To Win Jeez Now You Gotta Deal With Them Dealing And I Dont Want To Keep Employing Mind Control To Get You To Play Jesus Christ JER = RAD IfSh BreadBag America SharpTung Which Sporf Where Nor Elbows On The table tennis cheescake wishes 50-Love BallBoy towel pool ball scratch pool ball scratch ________________________________________________________________ Uncle Buck Pancakes No More Obligatory Heli-Pads Pine Tar GopherDonkey Mole @$$e$ Ok We Voted And Decided That Duck Looks Good Since You Have Made Restitution I'll Admit Im Just Some DooshBag Now I Shall Go Blind Perhaps I Will Fail I Suppose Thats A Save Smart@$$ level 3983 Oh MRMY Im In Fear For My Life From The Lahng Arm Of The LAH I Love MRM Even Tho I Dont And Also Dont Like You Either You Ok Fine I Like A2-1 Ok Is Fkn Smart And Cool And Funny And Good Looking And So Why The F Wont You Just Make A Place You Object Oriented Pizza Cutters Just Define The Space ________________________________________________________________ Can We Have 1 Fricken Level With 8 Players Jeez Hey MRM JER Is So Frustr8ing When You Guys Play So Well Cause I Know You Could Be Awesome All The Time And Create An Endless Masterpiece You Also Just Some Dooshez To Teach How To Have Mutual Fun For Christ Sakes Bad News Bears Make Me Sad Altered Beast References Using The Klingon Dictionary MRM Master Replay TowTruck at :10 also Nice Job MRM What Was level 3795 Panel 3? ________________________________________________________________ JERs Mike Huckabee Rules! Book Jackets Mike Huckabee KimYe Biography GRIDCOSM! NOW WITH ALMOST 50 UNHOGGED LEVELS!➝ Players? 8 Players? 8 Players?& 8Players?& FLYNC 281 ________________________________________________________________ HOLY CRP! JER Serves IPD The Best Hot Colombian Coffee! level 3996 level 3874 I Hereby Acknowledge And Sactify JER As A The Dude And Also MRM Please Continue To Go About Your Business -OHK ________________________________________________________________ What I Really Wanted A SNY But JER Made Up For It WIth Coffee An d Duck And Spect And Humor And Humility And Yeah Especially Coffee Infact I Have Proud Warm Feelings Mostly For Coffee But Also For The Cohesion Of Plays From UWI Thru JER +MRM Which Seemed To Reconcile Such A Lengthy Progression And Give A Sense Greater Than Weed Had That We Were All In The Same Place ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ Bonanza Formica K-9 (N.F.L) My Cross To Bear

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