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Created on Aug 16, 2008.

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Donatello wasn't just a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. Dear IPD, I completely understand your aesthetic proposal (which was clearly explained) and i was just making what i consider sort of a usefull provocation. What bugs me nowadays is that we're so concerned with the creation of anti-clich├ęs that we end up producing a divorce betwen aethetics and ethics. And, i repeat, i'm sure that it wasn't your case. I'm not a comunist. I'm not even a jew! And by any means i jumped into conclusions about your square, bur since it (in a first glance) echoed KBO's, i deliberately chose to nudge both with a pin! GRIDSCOM is a fantastic democratic space for aesthetic manifestation! And my interventions here try to be thought-provoking, using alegorical collages, manipulating images that are charged with historicity and meaning. Also i try to develop experiments with the iconicity of words and "readability" of images. Pardom my optimism, but i consider this space almost ETERNAL, so if i've used 2 squares to close the grid, there's no problem, because there will be many other grid levels for you to use and express your thoughts (and you already did it very articulatedly)! Besides, many other collegues use the whole grid once in a while and that's totally OK! And that for me is a "conversation in the art"! Although there are only 8 squares per level, here we can be free to use 1 or all the 8! Anyway, wrapping it up, what i really claim is that i'd rather throw out Bush (Father and son) and Britney Spears! And that a post-modern overdose of nonsensical imagetic flow sometimes produces kind of a sartrean NAUSEA and clamor for MEANING! That's pretty much my mood! Hope you hold no grudges! Hughs! cartoon then re i I BELIEVE THAT PIGS ARE AS INNOCENT AS LAMBS! And that teenage angst fits well with elder's wisdom! :-) ... standing back, waiting (like a parenthetical aside) that drones on and on for much too long while the world passes by outside.

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