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Started on Jul 09, 2014.
Completed on Jul 10, 2014.

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MRM3 3967 SNZ8

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(level 3968)

Grid poem

One must have a hat of the correct height or you might have to hem the plumbing trousers if they scratch, overall i decide never to buy the single bladed kind again. Someone ate the drumsticks and the cupcakes were thought to be from the chertree wooden type for the back for my sisters D.A.R.Y.L. and thats def. the essence of MRMOHAWK but we have arms and legs. like lizards. do. I espcialee thought the answer 34655! simply brilliant from a masonry perspective which inspired the imagination with both one chirping and a Beatle saying "Eh, What's Up, Doc?" (left w/ A. Griffith 5 months after) and of course he had been forgiven with everyone else before the odd job, unlike some who declined who incited a 'by cop' plan but had to be suicide by TCA, so ahead of his time. Fooling Johhny, and even tho I wanted mor Sn@zzietastics, I made shells. I will problee make 6pc of coffee more for each-1. someday. in the rain? I'm not an @-face. Now you can crush them like... well, yes, like I do... or a single random red dot, or rather, Being and Time near A194I mean, or an uncooperative tile saz something, since they wouldn't even hit'm with a beanbag, even tho someone peppersprayed the dogs chili in retaliation to a doplerganger suspect or two who doesnt know he now looks like the wanted poster and will need bail of hey in the I wonder if boat we are in we are all together flud use has increased to such a level that some question the insanity begets maximum head room

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