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Started on Jul 14, 2015.
Completed on Jul 19, 2015.

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OHH2 4050 MKC6

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(level 4051)

Grid poem

A pesky gnat, an itsy bitsy piece of my mind recalled how this was Gangsta Gangsta at the top of My list of reasons why Shia Labouff was held for having his pants on backwards, thus my hummie raised his 8 Bottle to me in salute. Now, Ladies and Gentlemen... my fellow Americans. I know...I see you, Hi. thank you! (cheering and applause) Now I know; this may sound a little strange, a tad bit silly when I say this, but Pardon ME...(laughter, cheering, applause)...Pardon me if, after investigating, and researching, and meditating on all the levels that correspond to; my personal stats, the stats of my fellow colaborators, the number combinations formed by the grid arrangement order, many times to the 4th digit, the total number of pieces on the activity report, which let me tell you, being 5 digits long breaks down into 2 more level numbers to check, each with another single digit number remaining to signify a paticular square and text to those levels...checking the news upload times of my pieces aswell as those of my fellow the corresponding numbered levels those times suggest, after checking and considering all these numbers corresponding to multiple levels and their textinesses...(applause)...tha ts not all, dont forget 3 digit portions of the current level number, and even the current level number backwards...Thats not to mention side by side flash viewer comparisons of similar, related or resused pieces, and of course lets not forget multiple lyrical postions of rocks greatest hits to be played along with the flashviewer...all that for last but not least creating the actual pieces themselves, selecting/ altering, constructing and blending the actual square...AND of course their textiness, which often require the labor intensive implementation of technologically advanced html coding, and sometimes even puns and jokes and clues and intellectual relevances and on occasion even rhyming. After all that laboring and dedication that I owe and show each and every piece, which I owe and, am honored to strive to do for, the great people of this nation...PARDON ME if after all that work I just want to sit here on the white house lawn and trip my balls off like Rick Ross betsy boss wi fit vagina. The word itself makes some men uncomfortable. Like a strange cat on your patio, or a community actor that got the part of Biff in Death of a Salesman. Admitting that the ego is only there to burn itself out to shed some light on the unconscious. An acceptance or recognition of this that and both things. He's too high up to be in any danger but if this seems fragile then stop at the sign to avoid swerving/ crashing. He's also fine if 1 step(s)on the cheetohs, even tho we're Ok no matter what. From there you can decipher 1004 negative reasons I wont mention as to why I didnt blend our Holy Lord's creation to A1, even tho I stole the steakknife...(which is when you want to stop for sure! or Easter or your birthday...) But yeah I'm so frkn cactus. Prickly, built like a pear, I can afford not to care.

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