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Started on Mar 10, 2016.
Completed on Apr 05, 2016.

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LAH3 4064 JIT8

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(level 4065)

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My A3 to 213 but not because Serling here's Blatzkrieg on the doormat and almost black out on the step was a boost toward another epiphany which should only go up to level 7. As far as I am concerned, I'm the 6/7 switch. So here goes here and there goes there ! You think I want to repeat myself? As long as you can remain still long enough to do a self portrait... you can have your cactus back. I can be gracious... gracias? Sigh? LOL! No slight of hand prank can make a snake lose his lunch if is its even expired kryptonite, nevermind that this thing could go like a green lantern ring surrounding a locnar raew sessalgnus ap!sdn umop dna s'taht eht yaw ll'uoy raew a nworf to evap isoed 'loids on zags is called a/ Ray need a ranied a's boil sheet hardday daviddaughter wait some To be perfectly honest ohs changed the validation of my avg. time of isd ooie jopcs s sd which suggests Dave Mustaine and the script is really from that Davey Jones movie originally therefor have 3 and gimmie 5 or don't but don't take 5, we will be off by 5 and able to listen to how Seth Rogan first told Nico the truth and about Barabas and then that April Fool's Day Joke about Bruford Nancy Raygun and How She was murdered 3 days after I left town and nobody could tell me what became of the boys. Where the boys are? The boys are back in town! Holding that old floppy with all the evidence that no one can access anymore. Or can they?

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