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Started on Apr 30, 2018.
Completed on May 04, 2018.

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TEH1 4280 TYT7

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(level 4281)

Grid poem

who is she? Shee-it, TEX, Shaint heavy, she's my brother baby. Done gas lighting JIT 1488/1490. 1490/1492's fine snz was fun in my day bless you. Call me Froot Loop but who is WBR I mean RBW. YYY who the FRU? Noh Elvis ref noh columbus ref but hey who remembers the dunce hats? You know you gotta get Bugles on all your fingertips before can you stop eating. JER I have had a Moxie in the fridge for 4 years. Can I drink this yet?! Sometimes I wonder if JIT is Hanging out w Jon is fun as hall. [coughs 'coolkidtable' under breath] Smile when your png fades after all is done...all news is FAKE NEWS now, due to the the matsive johnson in my briefs. Which are long. My real name is "This Guy" and I'm suing everyone for slander and libel. My hot dog buns are overwhelmed. I am a man that is a hot dog slandered with mustard and ketchup. I am in the local grocery market libeled as a meat products at only 299999999 if you buy five. Probably watched over 1K hours of infowars last year. Gave MRMs money to Alen Joxes because its C1 sucks ass bigtime! Everbuddy on TYT Chat loves me. Sexually. Even the bots. Joking about being crazy is a sign of mental illness. If B3 isn't 7 you're all faqing fajit squares top d -on't hate me oh, but we had to go and i really wish we could know, but for now we can't so I got a burger no hot dog and while we wait to know, let's pray to our Gods

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