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Started on May 14, 2018.
Completed on May 17, 2018.

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okay check that well we could try png but yeah thats fine a2 ir we go png it might be even worse ohh well um idk i use jpg been using jpg gona keep using jpg that is to say you are showing me the jpeg a2 which is perfect but the colorblue faded but i think we have to live with it is that bad? no its like this: oh wow it really makes a difference? PNG colors stay solid so you can paint fill and shit shuld you want to use an image change it etc thats why i work and SAE in png idk ive just never noticed anything i guess im not really inspecting that close SAVE oh OMG ASTRO jpeg is a color loss compression mode from ancient times when computers were slow well i do pretty much everything in wahtever the default is for the program but if im loading to cosm idk i thought it had to be jpg DO THIS: SAE A SOLID COLOR AS JPEG, OPEN IT AND TRY PAINT BUCKET then you added png.. how am i suppose to react to that I REALLY THINK THE PIECES ARE OKAY i literally dont see anything wrong with a2 no just relax am i wrong? everything is fine yes its good i just want to explain this to you lol okay i want to know i just didnt think the difference of type of file made any difference idk lol i was just making squares paste this into a paint and SAVE THIS AS A JPEG!!! close the paint then open the file again you will see the EVIL!!!! that is JPEG for what it is so when i say WROK AND SAVE IN PNG this is why..all outlining and solid color DIES in jpeg se it try to paint fill that hahah i see a tiny slight difference that wont necessarily make a difference idk just tell me whats better am i working and saving in png? you arent listening to me! or am i keeping with jpg i dunno jpg is like a security blanket okay wait well what then nonononononono ok listen to me.... if you are working on something like your red board you use if you save that in JPEG its over you cant pick shit up and move it aroun you cut to RECUT everything alright if it helps what youre explainging to me, i dont save anything until its time to make a 150 150 square because its not TRUE COLOR jpeg is a COMPRESSION i otherwise work and save in the default png alright well i didnt know about the compression OK so when i saw work i mean the true work mode in pain tIS png color When you sae to jpeg you degrade the color it fractalizes you cant pull it apart well this is news to me i was saving to jpg cause i thought that was what you saved to OMG this is why we hae to reduce color depth to cut shit and when the site changed to alloweing png. i didnt think there was that much of a difference go google a whit picture you cant paint fill it right? its all messy static you cant clear it you hae to cut it out no i usually have to decrease color depth SAME THING the depth is how many colors are being used ALRIGHT i just didnt know about this lol SORRY now i do know sorry lol i told you this before i was legit just thinking jpg is what you should do everything in nonononon PNG probably but i just didnt remember it so sorry okay well then ill keep it all in png BUT!!!! png is what my computer WANTS me to save everything as i had to manually change it jpg after you save it in PNG...... Save it again as -jpg for cosm BECASUE!!! let me show you why okay ^this is a cosm suare saved in PNG pleas change some colors on it for me make yell ow red ^this is the same square saved in jpeg. pleas change the yellow to r4d for me note the paleness of jpeg like it died inside...sigh jpeg death..its like depression for pictures.. unless you use like GIMP to save lossless which i guess is alot better i should probly do that for better colors but paint meh you shuld make this entire convo the seas. The day you stop putting band aids on your nipples is the day you lose the ability to run marathons. its like. thes fidget spinner smells musky elan shah but maaade in the USA, saying: Hello? Hello! Is this thing on? Hello. How are you? I am [undefined]. Just look at the world around you right here on the ocean floor. Where it is wetter everything is better but not as good as outer space or holding a fuzzy bunny.

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