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Level 4309 of 4696

Created on Jun 16, 2018.

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APN5 4308 YZN8

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(level 4309)

Grid poem

/// first of all you hacked sito for your own purpose not to help UWI , first lie ///....APN = PCB, how do you think you can fool me? poor under human! you hacked the servers to be able to be true on ONE person. it means a lot to how much you are a big fascist. fucking abnormal / animal! . you also have all their particularities lies, deception using 50 accounts to deceive your prey. just a little predator who was bullying on the other kids in school as a training. this is how you get started with your small fascist career, APN / PCB + 50 accounts. how can UWI let you do it and he did not do anything against you? ... you came on the grid a year ago with your friends that you control, obviously it is sheep who need 'a leader (a control freak). poor people, to be as without substance in the brain be forced to follow a poor frustrated and fascist moron. I am on the grid for 14 years YOU small, ridiculous insect and frankly you and your slaves you have nothing to do here. Do you think I will work with a group of little fascists and forgive you? never! .... to MRM you had 20 years to learn drawing, you never worked on it? ... check //////// ------ TYT THE YOUNG TRAITOR is a Terrorist facist, and he is a TYTISMs s an d d Mr. Pilschke we've sent a large truck to assist in shut your trap pcb trol scum///...reclaiming your time what DICKHEAD!? it was not you who was working on 4307, only talk for yourself ! YOU filthy zombie remotedly commanded by pcb. anyway you want a war you will have it ASTRO and other dickhead with 50 account......///

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