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Started on Sep 09, 2019.
Completed on Sep 16, 2019.

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MRO3 4383 ROM6

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Grid poem

Grigcosm! The Last Squarefighter -This neural network training ai was design by a pantheosolipsist artvironment faction of the Megadeth Cyber Army for recruiting high scoring Cosmnuts into Space Force Home Force Chill Force Alpha Force Brain Force Force. Beta Unit! If you want to be one then you Cray X-MP. - or put on your Big Bossk of the Grig-costume, a Nenjine-Turbol...maybe Teh Trooper/AsaysHi will do the correlate caw irate biz just fetch alex rogan #1255 we'd rolled in tabasco forgetting heinz 57 chilli sauces lids yellow insert 25 cent from your pillow for a plate of egg. Or stop making sense. Which is sure to flip a switch. I spent me hours on this! Try them ALL. Ronin around all knight sporfin the latest threads to bear fruitopia so Denny Crane-tastic and whitelisted and gold metalled and maybe there's a rock rocket in the dance pants pocket rJCBYUKMvMQ that wants 2 w8 4 2nds and it's not even hungry (like the wolf = dot/ b4 shadow=rock 0:26:54/5) so no weird down-home stretching excersises. The first law of captioned synchronization is that you can play anywhere you want but the result will call you a humo. (Not me tho, just you. and everyone else. This rule does not apply to me because I emasculate the Decepticons with my uncanny Big Man Tate alpha Chad powers.) And the first law of graphix art is that you can create anything you want but it will always look like a peemis. So all of art history is humankind's attempts to avoid *fallacy (or not). I couldn't ever do it. No wait maybe that sounds gay. "I can't bend silver spoons without pressing them hard against devil's teeth." And like computer chess, teh every attempt to avoid looking like some tenis just creates mor and mor tenis and there are baals everywhere so we just give up art O-level and went to bowl penny lanes. The point is, it makes sense to place second when there's werewolves around, but it's always important to try beating robots. OMG 4:20! f yeah beyah look it up. now its 2 1/2 hours later. Now it's the ring of time. Now its a cheet-oh. Now it's a cheeta! Now it's a standard plaza. That's not a knife tho. Oh THAT'S a knife. Put it Down. Thank you. Where was I? My God what have I done? Did I touch monkeys? Dont ask Davey Jones! ask Alice Cooper He's a christian and the only one you can trust! other than everyone else. Just occured to me that I might as well textiness everything I just said and whatever I just read and that my C3 kicks ass bigtime! Look at c3! Don't look at it! Ok look if this thing escapes call me or better yet call for me that will make it jellos and probly cozy up to you and make coco after snowboarding or for role playing games. Oh don't say a word.

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