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Level 4516 of 4696

Started on Nov 30, 2021.
Completed on Dec 01, 2021.

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SMC3 4515 SMC5

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(level 4516)

Grid poem

that's how it feels since you arrived Here we go, off the rails! Did you know it's time to raise our sails? It's freedom like you never knew. - Turn your back to the past, say the word "I'll be there in a flash". You could say my hat is off to you. Oh we could zoom all the way to the moon, from this great wide wacky world. Jump with me, grab coins with me; oh yeah! - It's time to jump up in the air! Jump up, don't be scared! Jump up, and your cares will soar away, and if the dark clouds start to swirl, don't shed a tear, 'cause I'll be your 1UP girl. So let's jump up super high, high up in the sky, there's no power-up like dancing, you know that you're my superstar. No one else can take me this far. I'm flipping the switch! Get ready for this; oh, let's do the odyssey! - oh there a ant Come on and jump in the air! Jump without a care. Jump up 'cause you know that I'll be there, and if you find you're short on joy, don't fret, just don't forget that you're stillour 1UP boy - So go on straighten up your cap, let your toes begin to tap. This rhythm is a power 'shroom. Don't forget you'r the superstar. No one else could make it this far. Put a comb through that 'stache. Now you've got panache; oh, let's do the odyssey! .YOU HAVE NO ART TALENT 100% CONFIRMED . TRY SPORT ,BOOKS . Spin the wheel, take a chance, every journey starts with a new romance. A new world's calling out to you. - Take a turn, off the path. Find a new addition to the cast, you know that any captain needs a crew - Take it in stride, as you move side to side, they're just different points of view. Jump with me, grab coins with me, oh yeah! someone is dumb here...

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