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Started on Dec 14, 2021.
Completed on Dec 15, 2021.

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what im just joking it's art FOCUS ON HOW I WOULD HARM YOU IN PERSON and then you will get you a moist asscrack and that lil adreneline boostyur gonna get it quick mf NOTE TO SITO USERS: THE GRIDCOSM SYNERGY PROJECT IS NOW OVER (jits fault) THANK YOU FOR 42 WONDERFUL YEARS BYE v=JeIHZvZTJTg&list=PLPZl-NlT5G XDZYe0DrwBx_GoDi4n_djxF&index= 4&ab_channel=RPTV YOUR'E STILL A FUCKING LIAR NOW YOURE ALL FUCKED dont fuck up and enter my blackhole eurotards. west coast borgeousfucking rasberry picking vegan btch v=0c4v7fp5GC8 i will beat up anyone because im a man and you all are beta bitch cukfags ASTRO I MISS YOU I JERKOFF TO YOU ALL DAY v=gfYHmmhuGac SAm you missed the 101 dummy st?list=PL8Si67bD25q5lUMRfFJY4 1_45snWYGdvI eat many shts idc 0thers so many ways i could kick your asses all day. im fucking kylo renn. xVA IM GLENN DANZIG BITCH oh fk im drunk again my bad lord. its ok tho they should kya i mean FUCKEd Sam Nar whatever your fkn problem is you will call me Oh. THERE WILL BE NO AMBIGUITY AS TO WHO IS OH FUCKTARDS MRM! look how smart i am all day buttlicker SAM you dont have a SWF viewer you are a phoney you knew God would deliver you into my hand man shuddup and listen to this ya fagit this rad v=YhXSiNSef74 oh and this one v=zC71CjSEwVo shuddup kid. old cucks NOTE TO SITO USERS: THE GRIDCOSM SYNERGY PROJECT IS NOW OVER (jits fault) THANK YOU FOR 42 WONDERFUL YEARS BYE what i say is reality what you say is crap IM A FUCKING DOMINATOR OVERLORD!!!!! Sam you offbase ignorant slut. No i really tho iam like a God compared to you your'e a lamer w no intel its gross when i think about it and i dont brag about it i literally came up w america first. (track 1 =horse w no name v=Oa1_278NV_I&list=PLPZl-NlT5G XC-WQKbiyiz1Mciv78RvgwJ check out how fuct we are! newb ) i mean sure it was a reagan slogan but i sent infowars THE in 2014. you live in my world. just remember tho you kilt my tags but jit is oh-k right. you know i wont ever let it go right? you see my restraint and how i pray for you and us v=5C_41X_PepI also joe jack talcum is my very best bf thats why it says 666 on bucky fellini you whore. you can ask him im the only person he likes and i can hang out with him when ever i want. im the Oh and youre not nw you should change. SRD YOU ARE THE NEW LEADER OF MANKIND they may not want to admit it but i see the future (i built THE i'm rad) lol v=lLSmalQyZBU Sam you ARE poison. im super leet tho ask my bestie jon. fear Oh, not JIT v=Bzehb_yeZtU&list=PL8Si67bD25 q63pfH1ZSbF0_MqwHuKnBBD&index= 6 mrm you fkn liar you only uploaded 37 times NOTE TO SITO USERS: THE GRIDCOSM SYNERGY PROJECT IS NOW OVER (jits fault) THANK YOU FOR 42 WONDERFUL YEARS BYE quick finish the level maybe that will make 4527 imposible to fix lol oming inc. i just kick ass all day lol this is awesome. put a thing hold seriously tho this elo thing st?list=PL8Si67bD25q63pfH1ZSbF 0_MqwHuKnBBDis big news because its terminator right and its grounded to 9:29 but then it switches it out for that sawed off shotgun threshold effect right when it hits the ground everyone knows that one. OK but then you have to do the Italian Job remake you know the one where its Ohllywood and everyone acts like i wouldnt see it but im the fkn Oh and like now everything is mine remember so yeah its so ez because you do the 'staring as she calls my name' on the sign obvi default and then its just bam kmart boat sirens fkn big wheels ftw and dont forget the 'my whole world is gone for dead' line on Mos Def because Ford Prefect and then you get to the end of the movie after i kick your ass for 2 hours and the mpaa# is like what 39929 lmao so lets goi mean for real tho. does jIt not know im very white and live in kansas a 2a sactuary state i bet it never seen a gun lol remember when my cult burnt notre dame because of jit that was fuct but funny hey JULIAN it was your fault bruh. You know it's true your inner Satan couldnt resist fkn w me could it thats why im better than you cuck lets play another song for MRM MRM gets all the goods mkc would have gotten if he wasnt a fkn retard just kidding mikey do you think his head exploded when the raiders moved to Las Vegas and now when KC plays the Raiders im just saying JIt is too foreign to understand basic American awesomeness huh. It makes me think France sucks. omg remember macros. omg remember windows 3.1. omg remember Future Crew. OMG remember how psycho i am and how i live in 666 and i'll skullfuck you thats awesome. n but like i like the idea of MRM being a woman ima go with it even tho he's a dick and a bot. ALSO im the only cosm who had a gf on cosm this decade so you 50 year olds need to check your peckers i hear viagra will curb that alzheimers you all have (hey smc aka nar these guys are old af and dont know chainsaw caine kys) song for my hey remember how much sonny sucks lol f you MARK SUNSHINE its not about you. ok watch ima be psychic again thinking...omg its gotta i gotta sorry i was gonna marry Astro but she's retardd like you. Also Abba works in a pronshop he sucks. v=YNDVipmJfz8 but i mean o what ever except you gotta always remember that i am like really fkn psycho and bothering me is a thing i never forget like ever i mean what you want is anyone OTHER than Oh being upset w you because i'm fuct i mean i won't let it go for years and years and then I will eventually find you and it will be scary like ask anyone ask mike casey lol. ask jon righ kay bye kids (you know who i am punk lol) oh shit i forgot what i was gonna upload hold on... oh yeah duh lol ps im the oh lol all of you have historical escatology woot but only in relation to me lol you will be forever known as ppl Oh knew lmao i like mrm and uwi and srd and jer but not you example srd? had never pist me off once woot. mrm i hate you. uwi is cool and then um who was i talking about jer. gotta love my jerbear STOP GETTING DRUNK FOOL just give up, VAP!! C'mon, do something else such as Hygridding or calm your mind in the PANIC Room. Don't just try to fix something that you can't fix! hey giz remember when mrm wasnt my btch and sucked ass bigtime lol that was fun OH LOOK IT"S JIT (shh lucas discovered me im secret famous now it's all nda so sub nada) can't talk about it bye #integrity remember when i made jit think i was apn and apn think i was jit and tricked apn into hacking sito while backchannelling w uwi and then we all were besties and then we got PNG making me an eternal sito hero and also the grid bug that breaks the grid if you upload something now let me see how did that go...there is a level where astro says don't do whatever causes it um well it cant be uploading a different file type...well i guess i forgot how to do it because i would never use it or i thought i would go powermad with it. i thought you fixed that bug tho hmmm...omg jit thinks noone copies the picture to blend or something. yes you solved the case JIT the GOV is so interested in gridcosm that they pay me lots to make sure you stay all fuct in the head. Ever since we discovered your true importance as a special person our conspiracy revolves around you so you are right to blame everyone including random strangers! We ARE all in on it: you got abducted by aliens like decades ago (our bad!) we can't take you back to earth the sun ate it. Anyone care for a song? yVXIs5VeK8E oh wow ok who wants to gamble on this puppy? anyone? v=LLuekpzB7Js MRM should study me more. Is mike casey fucking dead or what this is boring now. not the waiting a decade to make a point i do that with everyone i mean. you know. the point being made and that im uber secret famous and stole the elo spaceship in 5 seconds while they watched im much too chill now to do kid stuff im like Jef Lin cool now. OMG MRM i merged techwear w vaporwave and now im the most attractive str8 man on the planet. You giz know i look exactly like Keanu right? OMG penguin0 showed this guy who tried to make this other guy a air umbrella and really it was a leaf blower and oh i forgot. hold on..why was i thinking this.. something to do with something oh yeah! so i said I THINK WE ARE OUT OF THIS MAN! GET ME SOME. because the girl was spraying water on the guy. then i went to the real world vid and was like can we just admit rob was wearing eyeliner ffs but you know if you play w chuck you should be able to hit anyone you want with a guitar legally. then i said something really good first i was like 'this is when puck was stalking him' im not on drugs tinted aviators are way cooler than eyeliner btw ROB also i just sometimes randomly belt FROM SOME OTHER PLANET I GET THIS FUNKY HIGH ON A YELLOW SUN!! because the earworm still controls everyone! thats why i wear 2 tinfoil hats. remember that book about the guy with all the hats. what was that shel silverstein or some sht thats how many aluminum hats i have. i realize tin and aluminum are not the same one of them is actually microwave safe i forget which doesnt matter better call sal is awesome netlix sucks im pro elon musk again but then alex jones said the same thing 3 minutes later so now im like what didnt i see mike cernovich talking about taking shrooms and coping w his trauma feels i cant anymore. so much waffling! also i am the reason its called meta now (me). just sayin. well you knew it was me when they did alphabet but maybe this one wasnt as obvi. (everything is about me) whats another good song Moxie will invade the 'cosm tomorrow just to be a fixer upper on youtube on www .INTERESTINGLY you can blend an invisible level , kinda makes you guilty , i am sure APN contacted you and is now your puppet master, that guy have a psychiatric problem called narcissistic manipulator.asap he is in difficulty he victimize himself , probably part of GOV paid mobs antifa or gang stalker. YOU HAD NO WORK HERE FASCIST idiot just go and never come back ---> my work here is done... (for now) .ISN'T homophobia and HACKING WEBSITES punishable by law? you should apologize for this bad move.

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