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Level 4541 of 4695

Started on Dec 30, 2021.
Completed on Jan 01, 2022.

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QHK1 4540 SMC7

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(level 4541)

Grid poem

GO! (to Woodstock) Wave to fans goalie w broomstick lightsaber blackcat bigbang howhard wallowits DON'T recycle your BUBBLEGUM buff aloe soldier it will stick to your face and lay spaceshark easter eggs like an eagle just knows why I dont start drawing... Mr getsit oh and dont say I never drew in time for you. I found this VAP thing enjoyable: got snoopy and looked into the color purple and found a present under the dog. It lags God only knows where that xerox cat goes for vitamin c food but try [] there's no full boobies so the setlist matching the cd is [playlist?list=PL8Si67bD25q76j 2 mUHpLrnnBTtZCzK3Qs ] Thank you VAP. I love the viewmaster! ripple or UJB 98? getting laid on acid. you even born? 42 fought foo mastered puppets and took the battery out of the gizmo where were you? In a Cube playing the Kid A National Anthem watching Clerks by the way the way the fan wingnut screwed is weird and also, I'm sorry for being too soft on VAP because didn't know about its true colours until just last week (p.s. I greeted him in a pretty kind way). I digress: this part of the Grid Poem is about the newcomer, Quinton being the New Hope we've been waiting for months. I gotta get him to know about my authority before he knows about anyone else who is in authority. Quinton is also trying his best to pretend to be me, ya identity thief! it's purple take it easy kid cuz it's in the room, n'kay? NO! it's on the lawn! JUNK and you broke my gun! now you have to blow up the death star idiot i quit internet then. you must deactivate my spirit matrix REAL TRUTH ABOUT SICK BASTARD MRM SvEYf/ do it for Korg! or GTFO

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