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Started on Oct 21, 2001.
Completed on Oct 22, 2001.

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Let he who is without terror cast the first stone. Be civil each day, one day, or monday, 10.22.2001, panic day @ dc[?] or even birthdays in places. Once, when I was three... My mother told me The 'dreadful topics' of bestiality and sexuality were symptoms associated with Rabies in nineteenth-century bourgeoisie circles; victims raged and attempted to bite others, and they seemed in a constant state of priapic sexual arousal. The disease was thought to have originated in the undisciplined dogs of the undisciplined lower orders with their associated loose moral codes. A British parliamentary act of 1871 gave local authorities power to muzzle dogs, but arguments about the effects of doing so went on into the 1890's; The urban middle-class might hope that their little lap dogs never came into contact with the ravening brutes of the poor. webb ftc don't but I'm not the only one In 1834, the Poor Law was introduced, about which Disraeli announces to the world that "in England poverty is a crime," Other comments at the time condemed the poor as a "vast heap of social refuse--the mere human street-sweepings" who "serve as manure to the future crime-crop of the country." Sound familiar? The dominant view of the ascendant Middle Class was that the poor exist at the farthest reaches from civilized, art-loving society and are an indolent, ignorant, degraded, criminalised sub race. These views were structured into science by, amongst others, Beddoe, a future president of the Anthropological Institute. simple sadness and national depression. The 5th dimension held a sign that read "Why read or write about something that seems illogical and insane?" becaus if they ever make sense, we're doomed or

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