HyGrid Overview
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HyGrid Overview

[HyGrid icon] HyGrid is...
... a complex maze of interlocking squares.
... a wickerwork of pixelated moebius strips.
... a hypnotic visual poetry space.
... a mathematician's mandala peristalsised through the bowels of a madwoman.
... an artwork that can't be displayed in two or three dimensions.
... magical.
... new every time you look at it.
... a Synergy collaborative art project of SITO Electronic Arts.

HyGrid has been on the web since December of 1995 and is growing daily by the efforts of artists around the globe. In 1996, HyGrid won a big award at the Prix Ars Electronica and was a featured net art exhibit at the European Media Arts Festival.

Tired of explanations? Jump right in and start wriggling around on the HyGrid.


HyGrid Browse and Participate in HyGrid
You must login and have collab-mode on to add pieces. If you forget or don't have your password, email us. You'll notice that reserving is a lot quicker with the new interface.

Discussions HyGrid Discussion
Like all of SITO's projects, this is merely a part of a bigger creature, the new SITO Discussion area. This is a place to post and reply to messages from other participants and spectators. Anything you need to get off your chest?

Report Report
This is a statistical report of HyGrid activity broken down in many ways. We're still working out the content and layout, but you should always be able to find a list of articipants, total number of HyGrid pieces and a graph of activity.

Reservations List reservations
See who has what reserved and for how long.

Wurmhoel Builder Create Wurmhoels
Ooo boy! A much easier way to set up Wurmhoels (aka "loops", "bridges" and "links"). Requires JavaScript-capable browser.

Random Pattern Random Pattern
This is a pretty cool little thing that generates a random view pattern (as an alternative to the "plus" shape and other presets). It'll be a random pattern (but not center) each time you click. An ASCII map of the randomness will appear at the bottom of the screen.

Navigation notes

Click here to pop up a HyGrid navigation diagram.

  • SUE BAR (grey) - The top thin bar is the "SUE Bar". SUE stands for "SITO User Environment". This is a site-wide thing that we're still developing. For more information about your unique SITO id, read the SITO ID Primer.

  • HEADER BAR (yellow) - The second band of tint is the "Header Bar", this displays data and navigation in reference to the particular project and piece you're looking at. SITO logo, thumbnail, title, date, artist links. This bar will be similar but customised for other projects like Gridcosm, Slithr and Panic.

  • CONTROL BAR - Under the display area is a bar of cryptic icons that help you navigate HyGrid (random centers) and adjust the display (size of pieces, resolution, pattern, collab-mode). You can also "tear off" this strip into a pop-up window/remote.

Linking to HyGrid

[HyGrid Link Button] If you'd like to link to HyGrid, please feel free to use one of these three icons, all are 126x42 GIF: Full-colour OR White with transparent lines (ideal for dark backgrounds) OR Black with transparent lines (ideal for light backgrounds).