Overview of SITO Help System

SITO site-wide Help System

In an attempt to assist the visitors and (p)articipants in the labyrinth that is the SITO web site, we incorporate an integrated help system.

What this essentially means is that we are busy writing all kinds of individual help files which will cover all the corners of SITO. And these help files will be linked from throughout the site, based on context and section.

Help can be obtained by clicking the help icon: [help] This will (or should) bring up a separate small help window (if your browser is using javascript). All subsequent help will be displayed in this same window, so it is useful to keep this open and in a convenient location on your screen.

The help icon will appear in one of two places. The first is in the SUE Bar, which appears at the top of most SITO pages. This will take you to a general help file for the page you are viewing. If you find something confusing, this is a good place to look for assistance.

The second location where a help button may appear is within the actual body of a web page, usually annotating text. Clicking this will bring you to a help topic related to this part of the page.

Help Window Navigation:

In addition, you can search help from the help window and look at an index of help files. These navigation options are all displayed at the top of the help window, like this:

  Related\Parent Topic\Search\Index\Contact

"Related" will give a listing of similar help topics; "Parent Topic" is the actual help subject more general than the one you are viewing; "Search" will present you with a help search form; and, "Index" will provide a general index of help; use "Contact" to send us an email. If you wish to know more about a help topic you are reading, the Related link is one of the best places to try first.