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First off, thanks for your interest! You just looking at this page means a lot to us.

As part of our commitment to SITO fans all over the world, we are working on incorporating multiple language support for the SITO web site. The first phase of this project will be to offer "static" documents in any non-English languages we can have them translated into.

By "static" documents, we mean ones that are not created by a script (such as HyGrid and Gridcosm display pages, discussion postings, Artchive pages, etc.). We will start attacking these in the far-off(?) Phase Two. What we do want to get help translating now are the help documents, project descriptions, general "about SITO" pages, and so on -- in other words, the longer, text-heavy pages.

As much as possible, we are going to work on running these pages through Babelfish (and could use help even doing this!), but we don't count on this doing the best, most accurate job, so we are seeking help in languages Babelfish supports as well.

If you would like to help, even if only with a single page, please learn how and jump right in translating!

Setting your language on SITO

Users who are logged in with SITO IDs can change their language choice in the User Settingshelp: User Settings page.

Other "guest" visitors can choose their language by clicking on the mystery language speaking creature button (as shown to the right), which should appear on the top of most pages.

Thank you very much!
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See also: How our language list was chosen?
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