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SITO has always been proud of its international participants. SITO knows no boundries and has no home (or, as we like to think, has homes everywhere).

Still, we are only human here at SITO HQ, and English-speaking at that. However, we are building into SITO the ability to display text documents in other languages when they are available.

Thus, you can choose from the list of languages we have chosen from your User Settingshelp: User Settings page. (Please contact us if we forgot your language.)

However, just by selecting, say, German, this will not guarantee everything you will see on SITO will be in German. Someday we hope to be close to that. A little bit closer, anyway.

So, for now, pick your language (or suggest it to us), but don't expect much. And, if you are feeling generous, why not consider doing some translation for us and help other SITO articipants just like you!