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First: THANK YOU for chosing to help us translate our documents on SITO!

We are currently in the testing stage of this process, so we will start small; with one or two documents. If you use these guidelines, hopefully we will end up with a quick and relatively painless process that will lead to more translations.

NEW: Quick-and-easy text phrases!
If you do not want to take on bigger documents (below), you might want to help us translate these small phrases.

How to translate SITO documents
Bookmark this to keep it handy!
It's as easy as 1-2-3...

  1. Choose and retrieve document. You can do this by using our Translation Listing page. Bookmark that page, as it will be a useful place to go in this process. From the Translation Listing page, pick a document you wish to translate, that hasn't be translated in your language of choice. Follow the instructions to receive the file you will edit and translate.

  2. Translate! This is where the "fun" comes in. Translate as much as you can, as well as you can. Don't worry, you won't be graded or sued. You can safely ignore anything inside of "brackets" (things like <a href="/cgi-bin/contact/contact?key=language">).

    Please attempt to use a "standard" (ha!) web-encoding for your language. Simple accents on Roman-based character sets can use simple "entity" codes (such as &eacute; for é). For a rather exhaustive (exhausting!) reference, please refer to this page on Internationalization.

    You can, if you wish, translate any "meta" tags at the top of the file, if they exist. These would look like <meta name="description" content="some text here...."> and will usually be "description" or "keywords". Only translate the 'content' part ("some text here...."), not the words "description" or "keywords".

    Any confusing words or words which we made up, can just be left in English. Or better yet, make up your own word. Heck, that is what we do all the time.

  3. Send the file to SITO. Again, you can do this through the Translation Listing page. Go there, and you should see your document marked for upload. Follow the instructions and your document should get sent to SITO where it will get double-checked and then put into action!!
Again, thank you for your help! It means the world to us. (Get it? It's a pun!)

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