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Synergy:PANIC! is the oldest image manipulation project on SITO. So old, in fact, that it pre-dates the web!

PANIC! is a spontaneous, free-form, free-for-all image jam. PANIC is driven by the players, they make the rules, they trade images and babble and bicker. PANIC! is chaos.

In a nutshell, PANIC! gives players a place to exchange images, and not much more. File naming rules are basically this: tack your name to the end of the file name you modified. This should be done automatically if you are a logged in SITO user. That's about it!

Traditionally, PANICers used IRC (Internet Relay Chat) to provide a real-time forum to talk while panicing. We encourage exploring other communication methods including (but not limited to): video chat, cell phones, tin cans with strings, shouting really loud across cubicles and/or cities, etc.