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News Flash! gives you a summary of recent activity on SITO. The activities covered range from artwork added to the Artchive to posts on the Discussions to Synergy works being created. This summary can be controlled by the user to reflect different areas of activity and time range.

The News Flash! report is broken into several categories corresponding to sections of SITO. These categories initially show only the new items since you last checked.

To view a report on a specific section, look at the right side of the rectangle with the section name in it. The information there will look something like this:

list: [brief] [all]
shown 3 of 12

This means you are view 3 of 12 items for this category. These 12 items are headlines within the current time frame (explained below). The two links above the number will display all of these items, or a "brief" sample of the most recent five. If there are five or less items, the "all" button will not appear.

In the upper-righthand corner of the page appears text like: 7 [30] [all] days. This represents the time frame how far back in the reports (for all sections) you wish to look. When you change these by clicking on the links, you will notice the numbers mentioned above will change accordingly. Be careful with "all"! There are a lot of things happening on SITO.

The "(X new)" text which may appear to the right of the section names means that new items have been reported since you last logged on.

[discuss] At the top, to the right of the News icon, there are two icons. One of these is the Discussion icon (shown to the left), which will bring you to the discussion topic specifically for news. This occassionally has some information for sito-admin about Discussions

[open floating window] The second icon, shown to left, brings up a handy mini version of News Flash! in its own window. This can be used to control the content of the main window, a feature which makes checking up on new SITO activity much easier.