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The SITO Newswire is a way to retrieve SITO news headlines in a special computer format called RSS (version 2.0). This method can be used to embed SITO news headlines into blogs, home pages, journals, or any other RSS-compliant service.

To use the Newswire, you can set your RSS software to use this feed url: RSS 2.0

You can have it update as often as you wish. Every half-hour is recommended.

Additionally, you can tell it to only grab specific headlines by adding special codes to the above url. For example, if you wish to only receive the most recent 10 Gridcosm headlines, you would use:

The codes are: gdcm (Gridcosm), hygr (HyGrid), artc (Artchive additions), disc (Discussion posts), majr (Major SITO News), minr (Minor SITO News).

Codes can be combined such as:

Also, you can specify how many days old you want headlines, by adding days= then the number of days.