Acquiring a new SITO ID
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So you want a SITO ID?


First, you must think of a three-letter code to represent your SITO ID. This will be a unique name to identify you on SITO.

Once you've chosen an ID and a few alternatives, then all you need to do is fill out the sign-up form. List your top three choices for SITO ID (three letters, no numbers).

Even if you do not plan to contribute to SITO, you may still wish to get a SITO ID if you frequently visit SITO. This way SITO can know who you are and remember your favorite settings and where you have been.

Your information won't be sold or shared. Don't worry about us abusing the information you give us! See our usage statement.

  • Users who have just received their new ID might want to visit the New User Welcome Page for an introduction and orientation.