Searching SITO

The SITO site-wide search will dig around SITO looking for what you desire. It checks the Artchives, Synergy Projects, Documents, SITOmes, and much more. You can get to it by using the text field and/or SEARCH button at the top-right of most pages.

Go search, now!

We are currently developing the program that does this searching. In general, you can just enter a small set of words to look for. Keep the list simple, as we do not yet have the program removing "junk" words like the or of. We also don't check for common endings, so it is better to search on fish than fishes, on add than adding.

The table below tells you how to enter special search text.

If you type: It will find:
cat, dog, bird
cat or dog or bird
any match with one or more of the words
cat dog bird
cat and dog and bird
any match with all of these words

We do not have any special grouping support yet, so you cannot use parentheses. Presently, strings match any part of a word, so you will get results like cats, bluebirds, and so on.

If you are really brave and fancy, you can try "regular expressions", which will get you all kinds of weird results and maybe even break stuff.