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Blue nude
by guest   2005-07-27 00:07:55 [12813]

By telling me that I am not a true artist sounds and is absolutely rude, wrong, and hateful. I have never had the nerve to tell a young artist, who works EVERYDAY at their art and loves to create, that they are not an artist or that what they do is wrong or not true. I would appreciate it if you would discontinue your hate and unkindness on my site and bestow it upon someone more deserving of this kind of unnessecary scorn... perhaps you should stick to critiquing your own work. I pray that you have not written anyone else. What do want... someone to quit creating their art because YOU, wonderful, genius you, don't like or appreciate their art? Who are you? Who do you think you are? The only one with the correct view on how art should be created? You are wrong for writing the things you did, although you are on a computer, you are writing to a real person. I am 23 years old, I quit art school before the first year was out because they thought they were just as "helpful" as you believe yourself to be. I hope you have no children to discourage the way you do to complete strangers. I will continue to create art the way I wish, mind your own business.

Re: Blue nude

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