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Re: Blue nude
by Dan Iordache [yan SITOme] [email Dan Iordache] 2005-07-27 20:22:58 [12814]
Man, did I touch a nerve !?! I’ve lost hours reading my postings in order to figure out whom I might have offended so badly ? In all my over 100 postings, I couldn’t find but 2 « critics » who could, eventually, provoke such hard feelings…one, it was a question to Richard E. Adams (« wouldn’t do a photo a better job to reproduce pornography or such ? » which I still think it DOES…) and two, a critical view, but in very civilised terms and appreciating the native talent (« I just hate seeing nice qualities wasted »), of a very commercial (and slightly conceited) she-artist from California, Porshia Denning. Whom, by the way, seemed quite satisfied with herself, as an « artist » . In none of this postings did I express hate, arrogance or definitive opinions… Hate, scorn ? Comme on !!! But, if I did offend someone’s feelings, without intending it - well, I’m very sorry ! I know, at my age, that people usually misunderstand each other, that incommunicability is not only a word invented by some French philosophers and that « life is a bitch…and then you die » ! It so happens that today I had a bad fight (over a lot of misunderstandings) with my son who has 23 years old and that, I realise, today is the 27 of July, the day when Vincent Van Gogh shot himself, having enough of it all. If I had a gun maybe I would follow his example (it would sued you just fine, hm, « guest » ?) So, maybe I will, may be I will not (not NOW, I think) but one or two things I know : my Blue nude IS NOT (ask some others) pornography and you can sell A LOT of very « nice » and « pretty » paintings and work every day for 14 hours and you still WON’t BE a TRUE artist…For one thing, a TRUE artist has the guts to take a nice put criticism and, above all, is capable to judge his/her work without indulgence and self-pitty…
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