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Why im dedicating the rest my life to gridcosm wether you like it or not (part 1)
by Oh / Brock Lee [ohk SITOme]  2017-02-03 20:25:15 [36591]
nah i dk

ah fk im gonna be here for thee next 20 years arent I?

Oh God i feel sick...


I have often thought about just artchiving alternative cosms as sort of educational / commentary alterntive news type parody

but i thought maybe that would come off as like anti-cosm or dejected.

i think the SITO home page should display a WAY BIGGER list of the upload list and only one current display per sue is wack. (hey thers a reason for more than one lol)

like why not the top 100.

if cosm brows can go 150 gimmie some real news show me the uploads damn sito

this place should have robot cosmers by now its sad.

I tell myself everyday if i ever win the lottery SITO gets a million dollars. I'll deliver it in person.

Whats that? how many money to take sito to the penultimate level in terms of functionality and content?

I really really would I swear.

I do have a million dollars but its spread out thru my lifetime lol so. i can only get my hands on small amounts lololol

" i have a million dollars just never all at once"

what was i talking about?

Oh yeah dude if i was funding this place. theres by tunnesl and video and links and codes squares ai wars. Id be paying mrm to obey my every whim...

can you see that one playing out "OHK: Ten million DOllars!" "MRM: No."

"OHK: Eleven million DOllars!" "MRM: No."

"Come on man just blend that one part i'll give you 12 million dollars MRM"
"MRM: NO."

What the hell is up with Jerry Yarnell yall.

Dude is high.

I want to make something i just dont know what.

i made foam handles for my folding pliers yesterday that was thrilling and rad


i should make a better mouse trap. like a sadistic one with a laser that just fries its brain.

no lol

what would really be awesome is like a reducation camp for mice one that just conditions them to become domesticated pets.

that would be wierd.

i dk its funny to talk about that stuff sometimes but maybe its scary to read it im sorry dear reader i just.

i guess i could build that shelf for the pendulum wave but i need like better length tuners if the adjustable leveling shelf idea is gonna work.

They arent as easy build as they look you gotta like have an exact ratio of slope in the different lengths for it to time just right and you gotta be able to adjust the lengthto get it exactly right and you gotta set the ratio of the last to the first at an interval thats natural to the weight length and design of you pendulums..

(im using practice golf balls filled with salt) its def. the cheapest option interms of weight design and functionality

(kind of super-pragmatic genius level idea if i do say)

but thats the kind of project that gets delayed because theres no advancement till the best idea interms of component construction (totally custom) is fully realized mentally. you have to konw what resources are available and run thru a mental series of possible construction and strive for the most elegent.

Im not quite sure what the most elegant (and cheap!) solution is to the construction of th stand.

i mean obviosly its dowel rods but in exactly what configuration do i need. the fewest simplest points of connection. fewest number of nails and screws..

again its not so much the finished product as figuring out what the simplest/best solutions are.

its not minimilism based on poverrty but might as well me.

i mean. you know what virtue im talking about.

simplicity. when i look at this thing i dont want to see any more work done on it than needed. zero frivality. total utility.

is just a pendulum wave but i wanna make the cheapest construction possible look professional.

ok its plastic golf balls

i need a more instant form of constructive gratification.

i mean thats what meals are for but then i eat them.

whatever its cold out i feel about %80 percent other than my sinus i just wish i was enthused about a certain form of "productivity" (probly not as NLT would define it lol)

"You should write a list of detailed illustrated technical instructions on how you can go fuck yourself OHK"

(Part 34: Insertion)

yes it would take 34 steps mfkr! lol

Fkn Wyland. all he does is fuckin water and dophins ans sht.

i just erased a full on rant about wylend naw but i was gonna expound and it was gonna go in a crazy direction

ok i should cut it out and i do have things i could be doing but i just dont feel like it.

I just want to hear the sound of my own type sorta think outloud make some jokes till i laugh at them...

Scandal is fkn insane! by seriose 4 i had verbally declard holy shit at like more than 4 psychotic plot twist.

im doing the lock pick tour which is basical the best spy like shows with more that 4 seasons (and have lock pics) ive done

Burn Notice Leverage Whitecollar Dexter Person of Interest Breaking Bad Sherlock and Scandal

I havent got to Castle yet its not on netflix. Im dreading having to resort to hawaii 50. Macguyver i mean i would but its in 4:3 and its kinda too old. i mean i could be watchin rockford files or a-team or equaliing but not trying time tracel. seriously i want the good current stuff when its time to go full-veg and i fear this list is too short. i guess i could do Weeds or idk...thres one about horse i dont know if they have lockpicks..Finding a new show with an catalog you want to eat is just tuff. at i stopr afet Star Trek th enext generation and didnt do any others. ok so i tried binge Deep space 9 but i ejected by season 2 i swear

yes im this bored.

naw i been typing this ever once in a while while i sorta half ignore the tv and drink my coffee. sort just rejected othe list of stuff i could be doing that spins round and one by one like rolodex. No im not doing any of my chores. fine im gonna watch alex jones. i tried but i had too stop when i heard something about noble peace prize Holy Lord

MAn the woodsmith shop guys ar so fuckin dorky. its like hyper dork. i love it because there good ad clean and precise but it borders on analretentive akward cringeworthy dorkxiety once in a while.

I mean everyone know you watch thes kinda shows to call out the inadvertant sexual inuindos that creep into the dialogue.

i like This Old House. they have there act done interms of appealing to the audince and and the pampered wives whos husbands are builing them a house are alway hot. Im always hell yeah id bang that lady in that shower. you want to be informative TOH tell what this guy does for a living damn.

That crosses the threshold over to Like Open house and Great Estates just tours thru fkn huge expensive houses. its iffy cuzzy they make you feel good taveling the world to pretty places but can also make you feel like crap when you realize what some ppl have. I myself am not really envios of those ppl its just i dreamed bigger interms of z creative environment.

I'll have house with mazed and trap doors and secret passages and slide blah blah.

"Why GOd Why wont you give me the lotto! Is it sito? just tell me if you dont want me to give them a million dollars i wont just tell me!"

I bet if i decide not to i will win. lol

But nah im not gonna gridcosm. itll probly be years befor i do again.

I'll probly just loiter around and talk sht.


i was gonna do a list of nice levels but. there should be like a favorite levels thread so that the aim to pleasers have a sorta model or standard to guid theyre work.

it gets kinda hard to tell what would look good sometimes but its easy to tell when a finsihed level looks cool its weird


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