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A case in point: Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon + Robert Palmers 'Simply Irresistable'
by Oh [lah SITOme]  2017-03-06 18:17:29 [36635]
this comparison is both biased because of premise/ we know there are women with sword sound effects potentials, and also fundemenataly independent of runtime because of premise in that we are only examining the parts with the bias potential (ie sword sounds)

error theory ascertains its brand of rare probabillity in the form of margin of error, which is funtionaly more precise in error situations, especially error wedges...

the phenomenon lends itself to a veiw point of suspected intentionality by quantifying precise safe spaces...

and its simply coded. formula doesnt even really enter into it. you continue the premise you realize you have an obligation to explor the verbatum correlary position :invincible' = [invincible] you check the poition and it wedges itself into a singular position of the highett accuracy between avoiding semantic errors and achiving aligned or accepbtalbe sword sound effects simultaneous to visual occurances or references.

and its like boom well. of course that worked.

so its dumb. esepcially since that song is hilarious no matter where you play it to that movie. its so fkn stupid and corny. but RP SI + CTHD = at plate befor guy lands on table? dude. slot machines are not that ez. i say coded intentionally but for no more nefarios purpose than the fundemental tendancy magnified by the revelations human study fueled artistic interest, for expression and entertainment, and to facilitate editing and timing tasks in a post production environment, standaradied for pragmatic reusability, multiplying into a sea of functional compatibility the size of which is rivaled only by everything thats possible ever.

but yeah CTHD + RPSI for the win biznoichehz

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That would acctually be plausable deniability wouldnt it?
the thing about the runti..

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