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the thing about the runtime arbitrary is
by Oh [lah SITOme]  2017-03-06 19:11:10 [36636]
that its only real use or worth is measured in comparison to the topological law of optimal positions. that is to say that its basically a forgon conclusion that a singular position will be percieved as optimal or "most synchy" or error free in any set. its just that haveing mmore makes more options. this idea is fundmentaly decpetive and potentially false imagine a video on loop. that doesnt increase its probability to sych. a total field might be a repeating field in proxy coded situation so..

in the end thet number of points a synch scores may be independant of its rarity considering the field it lies in or not, but it will always be seen as both a measure of the level of conviction on has in 'the signs of intentionality' and also as simply being influenced by total runtime, how ever false a notion that may be.

you dont need a hypothetical natural or runtime potential to strive for the most important law of a total fieled perspective regardless of intentionalitiy: thers usually a way thats better than all the others. shouldnt be to hard to descern. thats actually THE point of interest. in a synch so. i mean if you like synching its like hey find the best position for this and see if its seems manmade-tastic

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