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test results
by Oh [lah SITOme]  2017-03-07 00:50:40 [36637]
i ran some iterations for the potential hypothetical natural:


DO n = 0 s$ = "" p = 0 a$ = "


'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' DO UNTIL n > 0 x = INT(RND * 4) + 1 IF x = 1 THEN a$ = "

m" IF x = 2 THEN a$ = "m" IF x = 3 THEN a$ = "p": p = p + 1 IF x = 4 THEN a$ = "N
": n = n + 1 s$ = s$ + a$

LOOP ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''

total = total + 1 PRINT s$ PRINT "

number of pos", p PRINT "total", total IF p > maxp THEN maxp = p PRINT "maxpos", maxp 'IF total = 5000 THEN END IF INKEY$ = " " THEN END LOOP UNTIL p = 25 PRINT total PRINT s$

what im finding is that a maxpos of 15 (0 neg) is common after 5000 iterations but does not go higher than that till about 20000.

who knows how many iterations it would take to reach a 25 maxpos but it does seem that 15p0n is reasonably probably in a hypnat situtaion that approximates 1/5000 runtime arbitrary.

i may let it run till it hits 25p0n but yeah perhaps the event size is more like 60 per 400 half seconds or something like a 3.5 second event size which is fair.

so it would seem that 50 seconds of positive correlary with zero error out of an average 3:20 is probable for a hypothetical natural comperable to average field potential. even tho the 2 arent really related.

ive really only just begun to theorize on the probability of a hypothetical natural but it does seem to indicate an error free 1 songsynch with 15 correlaries is not too improbably but above that is astronomically less probably then 1/5000 runtime field potential.

eventually i will be satisfied with the accuracy formula after i test some ideas and run more analagous probability tests for the hypothetical natural.

its probably fair to compare it to the runtime arbitrary in terms of likely hood when compared to singular position per total field probability but i dont think they are actually related.

eventually i'll have the hard fast ground rules for synch likelyhood hashed out but this is all still in its infancy

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the thing about the runtime arbitrary is
and actually

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